欢迎在 DN42 网络上 Peer 我!


这是我的 DN42 网络信息:

  • AS4242421398
  • DN42 IP
    • fddd:54dd:414a::/48
  • Nodes
  • WireGuard and Multiprotocol BGP are preferred.
    • I prefer to use link-local IPv6 address to set up multiprotocol BGP session (with extended next hop enabled).
  • Welcome to peer with me!

You should send me some info like follows.

  • Your ASN
  • Public IP
    • IPv4 is preferred, but you can send v4/v6 both
  • DN42 IPv4 and IPv6
    • Link-local address is preferred, usually fe80::<Your last 4-digit ASN>
  • Your WireGuard Port
    • 22688 by default
    • I will use 2<Your last 4-digit ASN> for you
  • Your WireGuard public key
  • Features
    • Is Multiprotocol BGP supported?
    • If yes, I will just use the link-local IPv6 address to set up v4+v6 BGP session
    • Yes by default
    • Is extended next hop enabled?
      • If yes, I will omit DN42 IPv4 in WireGuard
      • Yes by default
  • Something else you want to share with me